Temporary Placements


Temporary Placements

The pressure on businesses to continually be at the cutting edge of technology, increase output and improve efficiency standards has never been so tough. We offer prompt solutions to your staffing needs by providing temporary staff of the highest calibre who can improve the performance of your business.

Our temporary recruitment service provides a flexible workforce that can respond quickly to changing business demands. We offer a responsive solution without compromising on quality. As a customer focused organisation, Concept Staffing continually appraises its provision of temporary workers to ensure a beneficial partnership with our clients.

Temporary flexible staffing offers significant financial and strategic advantages to clients. Allowing clients to maintain a level of permanent staff to cope with normal workloads and using temporary staff to assist with extra orders, sickness, holidays or special projects. Growth in this sector of the market is assured.

Our service includes skills testing, staff inductions and workforce management. Concept Staffing has extensive experience in supplying complete teams of staff for peak production periods as well as the management processes that such projects require.

Whatever your needs - We can help...

  • Unexpected staffing problems, seasonal trends and fluctuations
  • Assisting in situations where the workload outweighs the available workforce
  • As an opportunity to assess suitability for permanent vacancies
  • Cover for absenteeism and holidays
  • To assist with short term projects
  • Using temporary workers can save you money on overtime costs
  • Reduce your advertising costs
  • Provides flexibility